Govt. Serchhip College Alumni Association




Although many universities have long benefited from the organized assistance of vibrant alumni associations, Serchhip College was first dependent on the unofficial efforts of former students to improve the college. A committed group of alumni came together in early April 2010 to discuss the problem after realizing this gap. On April 19, 2010, the result of their meeting was the establishment of the Government Serchhip College Alumni Association. Supporting and advancing the college's progress is this association's main goal. It aims to bring together accomplished former students who attended Government Serchhip College and are currently employed in a variety of roles in diverse settings. Ever since, the College's Alumni Association, known as "Govt. Serchhip College Alumni," has contributed significantly to the organization, improving student opportunities and skill, and infrastructure in a more systematic and formalized manner. Despite this remarkable positive change, the Association was only registered as a society under the Societies Registration Act on November 8, 2021 with the REGISTRATION NO. MSR 1471 of 08.11.2021. The institution, for its part, supports the Alumni Association by establishing the Alumni Support Cell, encouraging alumni to contribute significantly to the development of the institution through both financial and non-financial means.


The Govt. Serchhip College Alumni Association is committed to the college's continuous improvement. By improving facilities, launching educational programs, and actively participating in institutional committees, the Association keeps up its high standards and cultivates a supportive environment for both present and future students.

The following individuals were the inaugural office bearers and executive members of the Alumni Association. :
  Office Bearers:    Executive Members:
# Designation Name # Name
1 President Dr C. Sangluaii  1 Mr Lalzuiliana
2 Vice President Mr Lalduhawma Khiangte 2 Mr R. Thanchuanga
3 Secretary Mr Laldinpuia 3 Ms ZD Laldinpuii
4 Asst Secretary Miss Rohnuni Colney 4 Mr Vanlalchhunga
5 Treasurer Mrs C. Zothanmawii 5 Mr Paul Zohmingthanga
6 Finance Secretary Mr Vanlalchanchinthahrilmawia 6 Mr H. Lianhnuna
7 Ex-officio Mr K. Remthanga, Principal, Govt Serchhip College 7 Mr V. Tlangthuama
8 Information Secretary Mr PC Vanlalhruaia, Mr C. Lalhminghlua, Mr Lungduhsanga 8 Mr Kawlthuama
    9 Mr Lalramnghaka
    10 Mr Robert Laltinchhawna
    11 Ms Lalhmingliani
    12 Mr RL Chhuanawma.


History and Membership

  • Formation: The Alumni Association was formed in 2006 .
  • Membership: Students who have graduated from Govt. Serchhip College.

Recent Developments

  • Society Registration: Registered under the Societies Registration Act on November 8, 2021.
  • Alumni Support Cell: Established by the institution to encourage and support contributions, both financial and non-financial, from alumni.

Active Alumni Participation

  • Teacher Involvement: Five alumni members who are current teachers have made commendable contributions.
  • Leadership Roles: Alumni hold significant leadership positions in their communities, setting exemplary standards for current students as well as contibute to societies.

Institutional Integration

  • Committee Participation: Certain Alumni are members of important committees such as IQAC and RUSA PMU, contributing to the institution's continuous improvement.


The following individuals are the current office bearers and executive members of the Alumni Association. :


  Office Bearers:    Executive Members:
# Designation Name # Name
1 President Vanlalchanchinthahrilmawia  1 RL. Chhuanawma
2 Vice President Zohmangaihsangi 2 CL Thangzika
3 Secretary Laldinpuia 3 Lalthanzama Ralte
4 Asst Secretary Lalhmingmawia Kawlni 4 C. Lalruatfela
5 Treasurer C. Zothanmawii 5 Isak Malsawmtluanga
6 Finance Secretary PC Lallawmsangi  6 H. Lallawmkima
7 Ex-officio C. Laldintluanga, Principal, GSC 7 T. Biakchamliana
8 Information Secretary Zairemmawii 8 Lalsangkima
    9 Gospel Vanlalduhsaka
    10 C. Vanlalruati
    11 C. Vanlalrinliana