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Internal Examination


**Student shall be declared pass if he/she obtains a minimum of 40% separately in the session work and end-semester examinations**

  • The Continuous Internal Assessment or Sessional Work shall carry 25% of the total marks. 
  • Assessment of sessional work shall be carried out by way of
     i) class test, ii) assignments, seminar, project, presentation etc., and iii) attendance.
  • There will be two compulsory class tests. If student appears for only one test, average will be computed from the marks obtained in the test he/she appears.


Distribution of marks across different criterion for assessment of sessional work is presented in Table 1: 


Table  1: Criteria for assessment of sessional works
Criteria  Marks
Class Test ( Average of 2 Tests) 12
Assignment/Seminar/Project etc. 8
Attendance 5
Total 25



Further, the attendance will be evaluated using the following criteria as presented
in Table 2. 

Table 2: Evaluation of attendance
Attendance Marks
90% and above  5
85% - 89%  4
80% - 84%  3
78% - 79%  2
75% - 77%  1



The sessional practical work will be evaluated using the criteria such as i) lab
activities and record, ii) regularity in practical class. Distribution of marks for each
criteria of sessional practical evaluation is presented in Table 3. 


Table 3: Criteria for sessional practical evaluation
Criteria Marks
Lab activities and record 20
Regularity in practical class 
Total 25


Institutional Policy Relating to Continuous Internal Assessments 

Please find the institution's policies for Continuous Internal Assessments available for download below.