Internal Quality Assurance Cell
A Central Administrative Body
Year of Establishment - 2011
Primary Responsibility - Initiation, Planning, and Supervision of activities geared 
towards enhancing and ensuring the overall quality standards.
Co-Ordinator: Dr. Lalhmangaihzuali Ralte
Assistant Co-ordinator: H. Lalchhanhima
& Core Committee


The Mentor Cell at Government Serchhip College was established in 2016, with its initial committee comprising Mr. C. Laldintluanga, Associate Professor, and Mrs. Zodinsangi, Assistant Professor. Over the years, the Mentor Cell has proven to be very effective in assisting students with their difficulties. It has been noted that many students feel more comfortable confiding in their mentors than in their parents or friends.



  • The primary goal of the Mentoring System is to reduce student dropout rates.
  • Additionally, it aims to monitor students' academic progress, and attendance.
  • It also endeavors to address any financial or emotional issues that could impact their studies and continuity in college.


  • Each year, students are assigned to teachers in groups of 10-12, with each teacher serving as their mentor for three years until they graduate.
  • A proforma is created and updated each semester or year as needed to collect detailed information about each mentee.
  • Mentor-mentee meetings combined with parent-teacher meetings are organized to maximize  the benefit of the students.
  • Faculty Ddevelopment Programs for mentors are also conducted, featuring expert resource persons, to enhance their skills in guiding their mentees.