Government Serchhip College

Established in 1973, Government Serchhip  College (GSC)  began as a shared dream of the enthusiastic citizens of Serchhip and Chhiahtlang  villages, driven by the vision to provide accessible higher  education to  the younger generations of the region. This joint endeavor culminated in the formation of an ad hoc body on November 2nd, 1972, which embarked on a series of fundraising initiatives, including public donations, charitable contributions, and land auctions.


With unwavering determination and a modest fund of 7000 rupees, the Managing Board took a bold step to open the college the  following year, initially offering courses in five departments : English, History, Political Science, Economics, and Mizo. Under the leadership of Mr. HD Rosanga,the inaugural Principal, alongside four dedicated lecturers — Mr. K. Lalthanliana (History), Mr. VL Keuva ( Pol. Sc), Mr. R.L Zomawia  (English),and Mr. Biakthuama(Economics)—the college commenced its journey in the old community hall( Serchhip town Hall), later relocating to the campus in July 1976.


Over the years, Government Serchhip College continued to evolve, expanding its offerings and scope. In 1978, undergraduate courses were introduced,marking a significant milestone in its growth trajectory . The attainment of  Deficit Status on 1st November ,  1984  and subsequent  provincialization by the state government on January 1st, 1989, served as a pivotal moment, affirming the institution's positive impact and significance in the region.


Embracing the spirit of progress, the College persisted in its endeavors to meet the evolving needs of its students . Efforts to introduce a science stream in 1992 were initially  thwarted by objections , yet perseverance prevailed, leading  to the commencement of  science classes at the Pre-University level in  March 1995, with four (4)  Lecturers  -Mr.Achintya Biswas(Chemistry), Dr.RC.Tiwari (Physics), AS.Mahapatra (Mathematics),  Thangrimawii (Zoology) under the leadership of Mr.K.Lalthanliana, the then Principal of the college. The subsequent year saw the fruition of this endeavor, with the launch of undergraduate science programs.

However, the journey faced a setback when the inaugural batch of Pre-University students did not pass their examinations, posing a significant challenge for the subsequent undergraduate science programs. This, along with other contributing factors, culminated in the closure of the science department.

Nevertheless, in 2004, the science department was rejuvenated through the diligent efforts of the Principal, Mr. K. Lalthanliana with Hon'ble Higher & Technical Education Minister, Dr. Lalzama and Mizo Zirlai Pawl ( MZP ), Serchhip. This revival marked a triumph  over past obstacles and reaffirmed the College's commitment to providing comprehensive educational  opportunities for its students.


In 2005, the institution further expanded its offerings by introducing a Bachelor of Computer Application course under the guidance of Mr. H. Lalchhanhima, who now serves as the esteemed Head of the department.


Additionally, the college embraced distance education with the establishment of an IGNOU study center in 2003 which underscored the institution's commitment to fostering accessibility to learning opportunities for the community.


Initially affiliated with North Eastern Hill University in 1975, the college transitioned to affiliation with Mizoram University upon its establishment in 2001. While all seven Arts Departments maintain permanent affiliations, only the Botany department holds permanent affiliation status among  the Science  Departments. The  Bachelor of  Computer  Application Course is also currently under Provisional affiliation.


The college's commitment to excellence was recognized with accreditation by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council ( NAAC ) on 8th January , 2011, with a 'B'Grade status, reaffirmed in 2016 with a 'B+' Grade. In January 2022, GSC was awarded the prestigious 'A'Grade accreditation with CGPA 3.18, valid for a period of five years, solidifying its position as an institution of outstanding merit and achievement.


As GSC continues to chart its course forward,it remains rooted in its rich history and steadfast commitment  to  providing  quality education , shaping the minds and futures of generations to come. With 14 principals at its helm , each  contributing  to its legacy , Government  Serchhip College stands as a beacon of learning, resilience, and transformation in the region.