“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.” — B.B. King
Awards and Recognition

Recognition and Reward effectively motivate students by providing tangible appreciation for their efforts,reinforcing their sense of accomplishment, and fostering a positive reinforcement cycle. Rewards stimulate intrinsic motivation,encourage healthycompetition, and promote desirable behaviors, ultimately leading to increased engagement, effort, and performance.


The college has instituted several prestigious awards to reward and acknowledge excellence while encouraging outstanding performance:

# Award Name Criteria for Award Award Components
1 Principal's Award University Examination Rank Holders Rs. 10000 + Memento + Certificate
2 MCTA Award Department Top Scorers* Rs. 1000 + Certificate
3 Student of the Year Award Top All Rounder ** Rs. 5000 + Memento + Certificate
4 Best Performer Award Most Exceptional NSS Volunteer Rs. 1000 + Memento + Certificate


*At least first division with no back papers for the duration of the course.
** Top-achieving student with excellence in academics, co-curriculars, and overall performance.