Visions and Missions


Our Vision


  • To shape and mould students to be responsible citizens, inculcating the right and meaningful value system.
  • To achieve excellence in teaching, learning, and research.
  • To teach the values and principles of our culture and society, to prepare them to have a healthy work ethic and help them realise their respective potential and talents apart from focussing on their academic performances.
  • To encourage discipline by valuing the code of behaviour, principles and practices of the College, with the aim of ensuring order and safety, good behaviour and to promote learning and productivity.
  • To mould students to be responsible leaders in service and to give importance to community services.
  • To focus on reducing environmental wastage, to preserve and nurture nature by ensuring its healthy coexistence with modern facilities.


Our Mission and Objectives


  • To impart quality education through multidisciplinary approach giving students opportunity to choose and flourish in different disciplines.

  • To produce committed faculty who strive to achieve academic excellence and build competent graduates who have emotional intelligence and the confidence to encounter challenges in life.
  • To promote humanitarian services and provide opportunities to students to work for the improvement of the society and community through social services and other extension programmes.
  • To be strongly committed to addressing issues of gender in all their complexity.
  • To prepare students to learn how to flourish in a different cultural milieu in an increasingly interconnected world and teach them the core values of nation and nation-building.
  • To value diversity, integrity and humanism in a world increasingly influenced by what is shared and created through virtual communities and networks.
  • To encourage vibrant co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to achieve holistic education.
  • To improve the infrastructural facilities by upgrading its classrooms to facilitate teaching through modern tools and techniques, to strive towards being a differently-abled friendly campus, and to develop Student Recreation Infrastructure as well as Sports Infrastructure.