Institutional Distinctiveness


Since establishment, Govt. Serchhip College has been working to intensify its reputation within Serchhip and beyond. The vision of the institution is to shape and empower students in their quest of knowledge, values and social responsibility. Ample guidance is provided to students to help them accomplish excellence in various fields of studies, thus preparing them to face global challenges. The institute has established its distinctive approach towards this comprehensive vision by modeling it in the form of service to the society and by allowing the students to organize events to develop their skills, entrepreneurship development, ethical and human value development. The Institute is also one of the two colleges in Mizoram which offers three streams of studies namely Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Computer Application. The Institute prioritize the health of the environment and through the years, it has contributed its bit for the sustainment of the future generations. The phrase 'Going green' has been used around the vicinity of the campus as well as within the area surrounding Serchhip District. The Institution aims to preserve the health of the environment through 'Zero plastic waste' policy by reducing plastic wastes within the campus. Through this policies, the college NSS in collaboration with Eco Club has been making paper bags from used paper sheets to be distributed to the local shops and markets so as to minimize the use of plastic carry bags. The green initiative taken up by the Institute is associated with the mind-set of learning, practicing and contributing in waste that help conserve the natural resources and habitats of the earth. It is through this initiative that the Institution has setup the Eco Club, the Wildlife Protection Club, Gardening Club and has also established its " Arboretum & Botanical Garden". Human Value Development is another prominent interest of the institution. Students are motivated to take up social work, to help those in need through the concept of 'Tlawmngaihna' (altruism at its best) which is one of the most distinctive feature of the Mizos. The college authorities resolved firmly to facilitate helping hands when opportunities presented itself through natural calamities and pandemic. Students are taught to act selflessly during these catastrophic times so that they can be a worthy member of the society by instilling in them philanthropy and compassion.