Systems and Procedures

Systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities-laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

The college takes direct initiative in the maintenance of buildings, classrooms, laboratories, and upkeep of infrastructure and support facilities. Maintenance work was taken up around the year to ensure the effective utilization of physical and academic facilities. Painting and whitewashing of buildings and laboratories are done as and when needed. Preventive maintenance of electrical, water installation, equipment, and sewage of science laboratory and garbage disposal is also carried out by the staff itself. Sweeping of classrooms, staff rooms, corridors are done daily by the assigned group D staff. CCTV is installed in the administrative room, Principal room, College Library, and science laboratory for security purposes. All buildings are connected through a 15kVA diesel power generator to provide an uninterrupted power supply. Maintenance of the generator is carried through Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) signed with North East (India) Power Genset Service (NEIPOGES)


Laboratory equipment is strictly inspected by Lab Assistant before the commencement of practical classes and examination. Equipment and chemicals of all science department Records are maintained in the computer system attached to Lab Asst. room. The stock in the Lab is verified annually and damaged ones are discarded. In case of disruption in power supply, the diesel power generator having a capacity of 15kVA functions as the substitute source. The whole science lab is brought under surveillance by the installation of 8 channel CCTV camera. Computer lab equipment such as computers, printers, and projectors are monitored by the concerned staff who takes steps to replace the non-working gadgets.


The classroom facilities such as a whiteboard, electrical fittings, projector screen, and furniture are well maintained.


Computers available in the Administrative office, departments, and laboratories are maintained by the professors of the BCA department.

Sports amenities

Gym and game equipment are check regularly for safety purposes under the guidance of Prof-in-charge. The basketball court and volleyball court are well maintained by the workers.


The Librarian ably assisted by a team of supported staff looks after the maintenance of the library books, journal, furniture, electronic equipment, computer, and software. Worn out and damaged books and furniture are repaired regularly based on their needs. Maintenance and utilization of library resources are done strictly following the library rules. Library facilities are open to the student from 9 AM to 4 PM.