Gender Sensitization

2017-18 Goal: To encourage, appreciate and recognize the dignity of women and their role in the teaching community. Target: Female staffs of the institution. Action Plan:

  1. Interactive session with the female staffs with special reference to the role of women teachers.
  2. Interactive session with one invited resource person from amongst the female staffs of the College.

  2018-19 Goal: To facilitate the promotion of gender equity within the institution Target: All students of the institution and all interested persons within the college fraternity Action Plan:

  1. Discussion about the importance and significance of Gender Equity.
  2. Disseminate awareness among the teachers and students about the purpose and implications of gender equity

   2019-20 Goal: To nurture diversity and gender sensitive communication for female students and female employees within the institution. Target: All students and staff Action Plan: Discussion programme on how:

  1. To recognize the impact of our chosen mode of verbal communication on others.
  2. To reinforce the fact that men and women should be treated equally which is primordial to create awareness as it reflects our vhosen mode of communication.
  • To create better understanding about the power of images and words,
  1. Understanding the ways of communication and language that impact gender inequality.

  2020-21 Goal: To plan an integrated approach to recognize the social and cultural constructions of gender that shapes the experiences of women in the society. Target: All students and staffs Action Plan:

  1. Awareness on the importance of assessing the implications for women, men and people with diverse gender identities —including legislation, policies or programmes in all areas and at all levels
  2. Creating awareness on the importance of giving due consideration to the perspectives of men and people with diverse gender identities.