Statutory Declaration under Section 4 (1) (b) of Right to Information (RTI) Act –2005





Name of the Institution:        Govt. Serchhip College

Type of Institution:               UG (Under Graduate)

College Address:                    New Serchhip, Serchhip, Mizoram, Pin 796181

Year of Establishment:         1973

Affiliating University:           Mizoram University

UGC Recognition:                 2(f) and 12(B) of the UGC Act, 1956 vide letter No.F.No.8-93/86(CPP-1) at 27.10.1990.

Head of the Institution:

Principal: PC Lalremsiama

Contact Number: (Mobile) 9436376254, Landline: 0389-222252



Working Hours:

College Office Time: From10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Class Time: From 9:15 A.M. to 3:45 P.M.

Library Hours: It remains open on all working days from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Holidays: The College remains closed on all Govt. Holidays.

Courses Offered:

  1. B.A. Economics
  2. B.A. English
  3. B.A. History
  4. B.A. Geography
  5. B.A. Political Science
  6. B.A. Mizo
  7. B.A. Education
  8. B. Sc. Mathematics
  9. B. Sc. Chemistry
  10. B. Sc. Physics
  11. B. Sc. Zoology
  12. B.Sc. Botany
  13. Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Certificate and Diploma Courses: Certificate course in Certificate Course in Computer Concept (CCC)



The institution strives to impart quality education that empowers the students through a holistic and liberative process. It seeks to be an agent of transformation, empowerment and development at various levels of social and public life. It also aims to provide easy access of higher education to a community of less privileged youths in the neighboring area for whom the prospect of higher education seem more or less impossible. The institution develops in the students’ social consciousness for the transformation of society and prepares them to be a worthy member of the society.

(ii) The powers and duties of its officers and employees

  • Principal: The principal is the administrative head of the institution who is responsible for the overall functioning of the college. He is the final authority on all matters of policy and administration and is authorized to draw money for salaries of the various employees in the institution in his capacity as the DDO (Drawing and Disbursing Officer). Writing the ACR of the staffs and contract faculties also constitute one of his major duties.
  • Faculty: Teaching, mentoring, and counseling form the major duties of the faculty members. Apart from these, the faculty members also assist the students in their various co-curricular activities and thus help nurture the all-round development of the students.

They also form an intricate part of the examination system by fulfilling their duties as examiners, invigilators and question setters both in the internal and end-semester examinations. The fact that they influence the characters and subsequently shape the future of the students is in itself an innate power inherent of being a teacher.

  • Staff: All the non-academic matters of the institution are entrusted to the staffs thereby ensuring the smooth functioning of the institution.

(iii) The Procedure followed in the Decision Making Process, including channels of supervision and accountability:

The institution follows a transparent and participative system of governance where most decisions are made or finalized in the General Staff Meeting chaired by the Principal and each faculty and staff is accountable to him as well as to the decisions thus taken.

(iv)The norms set by it for the discharge of its functions:

The institution adheres to the norms and regulations of both the UGC and the state government in the course of carrying out its various duties and realizing its vision and mission.

(v)The rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records held by it or under its control or used by its Employees for discharging its functions:

Click Here for Rules and Regulations

(vi) A statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control:

Staffs of the institution hold different categories of documents relating to work allocated to them.

S.No Category of the


Name of the Documents and its introduction. Procedure to obtain the document Held by/ under the control of.
1 Administration Organisation and Employees Available at the institution. Head Assistant
2 Students Related Students Registration Record, Exam related records (marks, results, etc.) Available at the institution Head Assistant
3 Financial Related Budget, Expenditure, Salary and Contingencies. Available at the institution LDC
4 Others Available at the institution and website. Head Assistant and webmaster.


(vii) the particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or representation by, the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof;

Members of the public are not involved in the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof.

(viii) a statement of the boards, councils, committees and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advice, and as to whether meetings of those boards, councils, committees and other bodies are open to the public, or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public;

            Not Applicable

(ix) a directory of its officers and employees;


Sl.No. Name Designation Department Phone No.
Principal Office 03838-222252
Office 03838-222794
1 P.C. Lalremsiama Principal 9436376254
2 H. Lalchhanhima Assistant Professor BCA 9436196524
3 Jeanie Lalthanpari Poonte Assistant Professor BCA 9612319581
4 Lalhmingmawia Kawlni Assistant Professor BCA 9856871073
5 Dr. K Lalhmingsangi Assistant Professor Botany 8730924536
6 Dr. Lalhmangaihzuali Ralte Assistant Professor Botany 9436146424
7 Dr. Lalremsiami Hrahsel Assistant Professor Botany 9402127050
8 Laldinpuia Rokhum Assistant Professor Botany 8414009420
9 Malsawmtluangi Assistant Professor Botany 9436360059
10 Tommy Lalmalsawma Colney Assistant Professor Botany 8258908112
11 Dr. Lalchhingpuii Assistant Professor Chemistry 8014602102
12 Dr. Rebecca Lalmuanpuii Assistant Professor Chemistry 9862739044
13 H. Zohmingliana Assistant Professor Chemistry 9774968190
14 K Lallawmzuala Casual Teacher Chemistry 9612328919
15 Laldingluaia Khiangte Assistant Professor Chemistry 9436352763
16 C. Laldintluanga Associate Professor Economics 9436376925
17 Laldinpuia Assistant Professor Economics 9436146850
18 Zairemmawii Casual Teacher Economics 9856515742
19 Dr. J Lalhriatpuii Assistant Professor Education 9863436117
20 F. Lalengzauvi Associate Professor Education 9436376927
21 Laldampuii Assistant Professor Education 9862266839
22 PC Vanlalruati Assistant Professor Education 9089911549
23 T Lalremruati Assistant Professor Education 8415850783
24 Dr. Lalrinchhani Assistant Professor English 9717339807
25 Lalmalsawmi Assistant Professor English 9612794947
26 Lalnunthari Sailo Assistant Professor English 8014768206
27 Lalthannguri Assistant Professor English 8974965227
28 Vanlalliani Assistant Professor English 9862646316
29 C. Lalbiakvela Assistant Professor Geography 8415879975
30 Joseph Lalngaihawma Casual Teacher Geography 8837015935
31 Lalhmangaihzela Assistant Professor Geography 7308093081
32 P.C. Zohmingliana Associate Professor Geography 9436146590
33 Ricky Lalsangzuala Associate Professor Geography 9436146248
34 Baby Lalruatkimi Casual Teacher History 8131961261
35 K Vanlalpeka Casual Teacher History 7085745751
36 K. Laldinpuii Associate Professor History 9436146019
37 K. Lalrinchhana Assistant Professor History 9436393234
38 Andrew Lalchullova Assistant Professor Mathematics 9856545576
39 C. Lalramliana Assistant Professor Mathematics 9862038269
40 Dr. Lalhmangaihzuala Assistant Professor Mathematics 9612136247
41 Malsawmsangi Varte Assistant Professor Mathematics 9774781852
42 H Lalduhzuala Casual Teacher Mizo 9862130658
43 Ngurdingliana Assistant Professor Mizo 9862751601
44 R.L.C.khawlianthawma Assistant Professor Mizo 9089726290
45 Vanlalchanchinthahrilmawia Assistant Professor Mizo 8974286624
46 Dr. Jonathan Lalnunsiama Assistant Professor Physics 9862306780
47 Dr. Lalrintluanga Sailo Assistant Professor Physics 7085358183
48 Dr. Lalrosanga Assistant Professor Chemistry 961246988
49 Dr. Rebecca Lalngaihawmi Assistant Professor Physics 9862770465
50 Malsawmtluanga Assistant Professor Physics 8014607303
51 C. Lalliantluanga Assistant Professor Pol. Science 9436192257
52 Dr. Zarzosanga Assistant Professor Pol. Science 9436146507
53 H. Zonuntluanga Associate Professor Pol. Science 9436146836
54 Lalhualhimi Assistant Professor Pol. Science 9612621223
55 Vanlalsanga Casual Teacher Pol. Science
56 Dr. C. Vanlalnghaka Assistant Professor Zoology 9862799668
57 Dr. S. Beihrosa Assistant Professor Zoology 9862711721
58 N.B. Sachhei Associate Professor Zoology 9436771522


1 C. Zothanmawii HA 9436146586
2 T. Lalthanzami Lab. Asst. 9436146867
3 Zohmangaihsangi LDC 9862725960
4 S. Engkunga IV Grade 9089283742
5 Pazawna Driver 9863277222
6 Zoramliana MR 8014125444
7 P.C. Lallawmsangi IV Grade 9089283037
8 Lalzemawia  – do – 9862237888
9 Lalvenzuali  – do – 9612444370
10 C Vanlalhriatpuii Casual Employee 7640880598
11 Lumthangzika Cashier 8014445799
1 Lalthanzama Ralte College Librarian 9436376090
2 C Lalruatfela Lib. Asst. 8014679710
3 Laltanpuia  Driver 9863427098
4 Isaac Laltlanzauva Casual Employee 7629085099


(x) the monthly remuneration received by each of its officers and employees, including the system of compensation as provided in its regulations;

The monthly remuneration is readily available at the institution upon request either through the RTI nodal officers or directly to the Cashier.

(xi) the budget allocated to each of its agency, indicating the particulars of all plans, proposed expenditures and reports on disbursements made; Click for budget

(xii) the manner of execution of subsidy programmes, including the amounts allocated and the details of beneficiaries of such programmes;

Not applicable

(xiii) (particulars of recipients of concessions, permits or authorizations granted by it)

Not applicable

(xiv) details in respect of the information, available to or held by it, reduced in an electronic form;

Not applicable

(xv) the particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information, including the working hours of a library or reading room, if maintained for public use ;

No such facility is available.

(xvi) the names, designations and other particulars of the Public Information Officers;

RTI Nodal Officers (i)Mr. H.Zohmingliana, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Chemistry.

Ph. No: +91 97749 68190

(ii)Mr. K.Laldinpuia, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Economics.

Ph. No: +91 90892 84538

Appellate Authority PC Laremsiama, Principal

(xvii) such other information as may be prescribed; and thereafter update these publications every year;

Not available