The institution’s policies regarding Continuous Internal Assessments are as follows:

The corrected answer scripts shall be distributed to the students for self-evaluation and verification and will be collected by the end of the session.

The internal assessment mark lists will be recorded and the same shall be displayed in the notice board for a week.

Within that time, students are free to interact with the teacher to resolve grievances, if any, regarding the assessment marks.

The concerned teachers are given primary authority and they can resolve the issue on the spot, for example, if there is a change in score, corrigendum will be made on the spot by the concerned teacher.

The student can make verbal complaints and approach the teachers and/or submit their complaints and drop in the note of dissatisfaction with the internal examination mechanism through online mode/submission or complaint box.

If and when, there are certain cases that the teachers cannot resolve issues on the spot, such matters will be taken to the College Redressal Cell for immediate action.