The National Service Scheme of Govt.Serchhip College in partnership with the Eco Club of Govt Serchhip College have had a social work on 20th November 2020. As they have often done in past years, the two clubs have worked in cleaning the Sesah Lui again this year.

Mr. C.Laramliana PO, NSS Govt. Serchhip College had given a little speech on the event, on his speech he said that the NSS had often work on this project of cleaning the Sesah Lui in the past years. He further adds that even before he joined the NSS, his senior proffessors have taken up the project on cleaning the Sesah Lui by disposing plastics and other garbage from the river. Following the guidelines given by the Government. 20-25 selected students were made to participate on the social work event. Mr. C.Lalramliana PO,NSS GSC, Mr. RLC Khawlianthawma Asst. Professor, Mr. Laldinpuia Asst. Professor and Mr. Laldinpuia Rokhum Asst. Professor were also participating in the event.

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