1. Curricular Aspects
Chairman: K. Laldinpuii, Asso. Prof (Hist)

Co-ordinator: Dr. S. Beihrosa, Asst. Prof (Zoo)



Malsawmtluangi, Asst. Prof (Bot)

Laldingluaia Khiangte, Asst. Prof (Chem)

Andrew Lalchullova, Asst. Prof (Maths)

Lalnunthari Sailo, Asst. Prof (Eng)


  1. Curricular planning and implementation eg. Increase of BOS Members etc.
  2. Increase number of academic programmes.
  3. Academic Flexibility.
  4. Value added courses.
  5. Enrichment programmes eg. Professional Ethics, Gender, Human Values, Environment & Sustainability, Statistics Applied Statistics), Creative Classes.
  6. Feedback

2. Teaching-Learning & Evaluation Cell
Chairman: C. Laldintluanga, Asso. Prof (Eco)

Co-ordinator: C. Lalramliana, Asst. Prof (Maths)



Vanlalliani, Asst. Prof (Eng)

Dr. Rebecca Lalmuanpuii, Asst. Prof (Chem)

Malsawmtluanga, Asst. Prof (Phy)

Lalhmangaihzela, Asst. Prof (Geog)

Tommy Lalmalsawma Colney, Asst. Prof (Bot)

Dr. K. Lalhmingsangi, Asst. Prof. (Bot)


  1. Records of students’ enrollment & profile.
  2. Catering of student diversity.
  3. Completion of syllabus including objective questions.
  4. Improvement of teacher quality e.g. PhD
  5. Evaluation process & Reforms.
  6. Student performance and Learning Outcome
  7. Student satisfaction survey

3. Research, Innovations & Extention Cell
Chairman: Vanlalchanchinthahrilmawia, Asst. Prof (Mizo)

Co-ordinator: Dr. Jonathan Lalnunsiama, Asst. Prof (Phy)



C. Lalramliana, Asst. Prof. (Maths)

Dr. Zarzosanga, Asst. Prof (Pol Sc)

Dr. Lalchhingpuii, Asst. Prof (Chem)



  1. Promotion of Research e.g. Small study within the college.
  2. Resource Mobilization for research.
  3. Research Publication and Awards.
  4. Consultancy Services, in collaboration with outside resources.
  5. Extension Activities.

4. Infrastructure & Learning Resources
Chairman: N.B. Sachhei, Asso. Prof (Zoo)

Coordinator: Lalthanzama Ralte, Librarian



Khawlianthawma, Asst. Prof. (Mizo)

Lalthanzami, Laboratory Assistant

Lalruatfela, Library Assistant



  1. Physical facilities
  2. Library Resources
  3. IT Infrastructure.
  4. Maintenance of Campus Infrastructure

5. Student Support & Progression Cell
Chairman: F. Lalengzauvi, Asso. Prof (Edu)

Co-ordinator: K. Lalrinchhana, Asst. Prof (Hist)



H. Lalchhanhima, Asst. Prof (BCA)

Laldinpuia, Asst. Prof (Eco)

Malsawmtluanga, Asst. Prof (Phy)

Laldinpuia Rokhum, Asst. Prof (Bot)

Dr. K. Lalhmingsangi, Asst. Prof (Bot)

Lalnunthari Sailo, Asst. Prof (Eng)



  1. Student support.
  2. Student Progression.
  3. Student participation and activities.
  4. Alumni engagement.

6. Governance, Leadership and Management Cell
Chairman: Ricky Lalsangzuala Sailo, Asso. Prof (Geog)

Coordinator: N.B. Sachhei, Asso. Prof (Zoo)



Dr. Lalremsiami Hrahsel, Asst. Prof (Bot)

Dr. J. Lalhriatpuii, Asst. Prof (Edu)

Lalmalsawmi, Asst. Prof (Eng)



  1. Institutional Vision and Leadership.
  2. Strategy Development & Deployment.
  3. Faculty Empowerment strategies.
  4. Financial management and resource mobilization
  5. IQAC.

7. Innovations and Best Practices Cell
Chairman: Pc. Zohmingliana, Asso. Prof (Geog)

Coordinator: Dr. Zarzosanga, Asst. Prof (Pol. Sc)



K. Lalrinchhana, Asst. Prof (Hist)

Ngurdingliana, Asst. Prof (Mizo)

Malsawmsangi Varte, Asst. Prof (Maths)

Lalthannguri, Asst. Prof (Eng)



  1. Institutional values and social responsibilities.
  2. Best practices.