The NSS Unit, NCC and Eco Club of Government Serchhip College observed Earth Day on 22nd April, 2022 in a short function held in the Academic classroom. Camping Laldingliana, a student of 6th Semester B.A, Green Leader, Eco-Club led the meeting. Dr Lalhmangaihzuali Ralte, the resource person delivered a speech on “Invest in our Planet,” a universal topic chosen for the Earth Day, 2022. She addressed the importance of protecting our planet earth, elaborating on the harmful effects of plastic usage, and the advantages of using renewable resources. She also discussed the duties that each of us can perform on the grounds of energy and fuel consumption for sustainability, encouraging the attendees to promote cycling and carpooling. She further expounded upon the issues of proper waste disposal and the advantages of having proper drainage system; explaining how every individual has a part to play in the process of bringing about a positive change.

Pu R. Lalrochama, PO NSS, Govt. Lunglei College also enlightened the participants on how Earth Day has been observed for over 50 years around the world, further accentuating on the issues of climate change and increasing pollutants. He motivated the students to know their place and be active participants in college activities, emphasizing on how our little actions can transform into a great deed collectively.

Pu C Lalramliana, PO NSS thanked Pu R Lalrochama for his valuable input and his participation in the function and continued briefly about the reason behind the celebration of Earth Day. The function ended with a vote of thanks from Huntharmawia, NCC Cadet, GSC.

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