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Read the instructions carefully before applying.


1. Hetah hian hmet rawh: https://serchhipcollege.com/admission/

2. Document thil tel turte: (JPEG 4MB aia lian lo)
Semester I tan: Passport, HSLC Certificate, HSSLC Marksheet leh HSSLC Testimonial Certificate.

Semester dang zawng tan: Passport, Exam hnuhnung ber Marksheet.

*Document-te hi Scanner emaw Camera fiah taka lak tur a ni.

3. Apply Online Click tur.

4. Form fill-up tur a lo lang ang a, * mark zawng zawng chu fill-up vek tur.

5. Form i fill-up zawhah Submit Admission i hmet ang.

6. Admission Fee pek nghal loh tur.

7. Admission Form i submit zawh hian darkar 24 chhungin i dilna pawm a nih leh nih loh hriattir i ni ang a, pawm a nih chuan Fee i pek theih thu te, i pek tur zat leh, i pekna tur Bank Account i email-ah kan rawn thawn ang.

8. Fee hi online hmangin GPAY emaw Bank atangin emaw online payment application eng pawh i hmang thei.

9. I pekna receipt kha i screenshot/save ang a, a hnuaia link-ah hian i thawn dawn nia.

10. I thawn zawh rualin ADMIT i nih thu email hmangin hriattir i ni ang.

PAWIMAWH: College i kal hmasak berah, Passport size photo 4 leh Document i thil telho attested copy ken ngei ngei tur.

Hriat thiam loh i neih chuan, whatsapp emaw call emaw hmangin 9856871073-ah hian inthlahrung lovin i be dawn nia.

  • Opening Online Admission: 15.07.2020
  • Closing Online Admission: 31.04.2020
  • Opening Offline Admission: 20.07.2020
  • Closing Offline Admission: 31.07.2020

For BA | BSC | BCA

A student should have passed the 10+2 level or Senior School Certificate Examination or any equivalent examination from a recognized Board/University.

1. Bachelor of Arts

Core Course Any Two
English/Mizo A. Education or Geography
B. Economics
C. History
D. Political Science
Education/Geography A. English or Mizo
B. Economics
C. History
D. Political Science
History A. Education or Geography
B. Economics
C. English
D. Political Science
Political Science A. Education or Geography
B. Economics
C. History
D. English or Mizo
Economics A. Education or Geography
B. English or Mizo
C. History
D. Political Science

2. Bachelor of Science

Core Course Elective Subject I Elective Subject II
Physics Mathematics Chemistry
Mathematics Physics Chemistry
Chemistry Mathematics Physics
Botany Zoology
Zoology Chemistry Botany
Botany Chemistry Zoology

3. Bachelor of Computer Application

Sem Fee
I Rs.4,890.00
III Rs.4,490.00
V Rs.4,590.00
BA With Practical (Rs.300)
Sem III Rs.4,790.00
Sem V Rs.4,890.00
Sem Fee
I Rs.5,190.00
III Rs.4,790.00
V Rs.4,890.00
Sem Fee
I Rs.11,990.00
III Rs.11,690.00
V Rs.11,790.00

Late Fee: Rs. 300.00 (w.e.f August 1, 2020)

Download Fee structure details:


1) A Student must always carry her College Identity Card and be prepared to produce it as and when required.

2) A Student must attend all his/her classes regularly and sit for all tests/examinations conducted during the academic session.

3) A Student must maintain 75% attendance or be debarred from appearing for Final Examinations. A student who has been absent from his/her classes for more than five consecutive days without intimation from his/her Parents/guardian will not be allowed to continue attending the classes, without permission from the College Authority.

4) A Student is expected to participate in various academic, cultural, curricular, co-curricular and extension activities organised by the College.

5) Practice of any unfair means during Examinations will lead to immediate expulsion from the College. Re-admission will not be entertained.

6) A Student must not litter the campus/classroom or damage any College property.

7) Use of mobile phones, drugs, alcohol and tobacco is prohibited within the College campus.

8) Applications for leave on medical grounds, countersigned by a parent or guardian and duly supported by a medical certificate, must be submitted within seven working days of returning to College; thereafter such applications shall not be accepted.

9) The Principal may consider condoning the attendance requirement in exceptional cases of serious illness or accident.

Before filling up your application, make sure you have the following documents (scanned copy in JPEG format):

  • Recent passport size photo (Size less than 3 MB)
  • For Semester I,
    • HSLC Certificate (or equivalent) (Size less than 4 MB)
    • HSSLC Marksheet (or equivalent) (Size less than 4 MB)
    • HSSLC Testimonial Certificate (or equivalent) (Size less than 4 MB)
  • For Semester III/V
    • Latest Marksheet (Size less than 4 MB)