• Science
  • 3 Years
  • BSc
  • Department of Mathematics

Mathematics is the study of such topics as quantity, structure, space, and change.



Mathematics Syllabus

Course Code Name of Subjects Type

First Semester

MATH111 Calculus Theory

Second Semester

MATH121 Algebra Theory

Third Semester

MATH231 Differential Equations Theory

Fourth Semester

MATH241 Vector Calculus and Solid Geometry Theory

Fifth Semester

MATH351 Computer Oriented Numerical Analysis Theory
MATH352 Real Analysis Theory
MATH353 Complex Analysis Theory
BCA504 Software Project Management Theory
BCA501P Java Programming Practical
BCA503P Assembly Language Programming Practical
MATH354 (Any one from below)
MATH354A Operations Research Theory
MATH354B Probability Theory Theory
MATH354C Real Number Systems Theory

Sixth Semester

MATH361 Modern Algebra Theory
MATH362 Advanced Calculus Theory
MATH363 Mechanics Theory
MATH364 (Any one from below)
MATH364A Computer Programming in C Theory
MATH364B Computer Programming in FORTRAN Theory
MATH364C Astronomy Theory