On the 19th of November, 2020, Govt. Serchhip College celebrates the National Integration Day. Dr.C.Vanlalnghaka, Coordinator of the college IQAC commenced the event. Dr. Zarzosanga, the resource person of the programme gave a speech on how the event was held in the years before. He furthered into the history of how it came to be remembered subsequently as the birth date of India’s first female Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi and the intent behind the entire event- which is to promote peace and harmony amongst the diversity within India, and ultimately to instill a sense of oneness amongst its citizens.

The National Service Scheme of Govt.Serchhip College in partnership with the Eco Club of Govt Serchhip College have had a social work on 20th November 2020. As they have often done in past years, the two clubs have worked in cleaning the Sesah Lui again this year.

Mr. C.Laramliana PO, NSS Govt. Serchhip College had given a little speech on the event, on his speech he said that the NSS had often work on this project of cleaning the Sesah Lui in the past years. He further adds that even before he joined the NSS, his senior proffessors have taken up the project on cleaning the Sesah Lui by disposing plastics and other garbage from the river. Following the guidelines given by the Government. 20-25 selected students were made to participate on the social work event. Mr. C.Lalramliana PO,NSS GSC, Mr. RLC Khawlianthawma Asst. Professor, Mr. Laldinpuia Asst. Professor and Mr. Laldinpuia Rokhum Asst. Professor were also participating in the event.

Government Serchhip College observed National Education Day on 11th November, 2020 by conducting a seminar on National Education Policy,2020. Due to Covid 19 pandemic, attendance was restricted to a few selected 24 students only. In this seminar, Mr K Lalrinchhana, the resource person, while clarifying a comprehensive framework of NEP for elementary schools, also briefly highlighted those aspects of the Policy which aimed at transforming higher education in India.Mr PC Lalremsiama, Principal of the institution also delivered a speech to the students.

Spot essay writing competion on the topic ‘Importance of Education’ was also conducted, and cash award were given away to the winners of the writing competition. The cash price were distributed by Mr C Lalramliana, NSS Programmee Officer. The seminar ended with a vote thanks, proposed from the chair by Mr C Lalramliana himself.

On the 31st of October,2020, the NSS in partnership with the Eco Club of Govt.Serchhip College organized a social activity for the distribution of 4000 paper bags at Serchhip Sobji Bazar and New Serchhip Sobji Bazar.This social activity programme was guided by Mr.C Lalramliana Programme Officer, NSS, Mrs.Jeanie Lalthanpari Poonte Green Teacher Eco Club and Dr.C Vanlalnghaka Green Teacher Eco Club of Govt.Serchhip College.

We are saddened to share the ultimely demise of Zaithankima, V Semester B.Sc (Botany Core).He left us on 16th.October,2020 (8:11 am) due to septicemia.

On the same day, the corpse of Zaithankima is taken home to his home place Khawlailung village.About 30 students and two Professors –  Mr.Laldinpuia Rokhum, Asst.Professor, Dept.of Botany and Mr.RLC Khawlianthawma, Asst.Professor, Dept.of Mizo followed the corpse of Zaithankima to his home place.

May his soul rest in peace and our deepest condolence to the bereaved family.

IQAC in collaboration with Faculty Development Programme Sub Committee conducted webinar on Teacher Disposition to reflect and ensure effective, positive and creative teacher’s disposition

Topic: Teacher Disposition: Exploring the Unquantifiable.

Date: 14th October 2020

Time: 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Programme: For this webinar, link using Zoom was created and circulated among the faculties

Resource person: Dr Moses Satralkar, Associate Professor, Department of Education, Christ University, Bangalore.

Description: Dr Moses Satralkar started the webinar by emphasizing on personal and professional development particularly using intellectual reasoning, practical projects and the power of English language, bilingualism and technology. He further extends that educators need to be aware that certain qualities are unquantifiable in the teaching and learning community, while certain others are very quantifiable and actually enrich Holistic Development and Life-long learning. Through his talk, Dr. Moses expressed the importance to promote the real definition of Dispostion as a “Reflection of a person’s inherent qualities of Mind, Character, Identity and Personality”. He highlight the importance of using both intelligence Quetient(IQ) which is quantifiable(EQ), and Emotional Quotient(EQ), and Spiritual Quotient(SQ) which is oftentimes unquantifiable but critical in transforming the lives of students. He presents the case-studies of the Corporate Giant Google and the International Baccaluareate Organization that are front-runners in creating good avenues for developing positive employees and workforces. Through this presentation he advocates the reflection of an intelligent, positive, creative and confident disposition in each individual Teacher. He present unique ideas which are benchmarks as best practices in International Education

The webinar was hosted by H. Lalchhanhima and after a beneficial deliberation by the Resource Person, Dr C. Vanlalnghaka ended the programme with vote of thanks.

Govt. Serchhip College’s IQAC in partnership with the Faculty Development Committee organized a seminar on Faculty Development Programme in the Professor’s common room on the 13th of October, 2020. The event began with the Principal of the college, Mr. PC. Lalremsiama commencing the programme with a brief introductory speech. This was followed by an inspiring lecture from the resource person Prof. Lalbiakdiki Hnamte, Director of College Development Committee of Mizoram University, on how educators hold paramount importance in the educational system.

Prof. Lalbiakdiki Hnamte insisted that objectives of an educator requires laborious efforts and diligence and should always be considered a ‘mission work’ in her words. She elaborated to great extent the need to be confined solely into the discipline of education and to stand as an inspiration for students.She cautioned the educators to not view the job merely as a means for financial support but assert that students look up to teachers as role models to become would-be educators themselves.As she draws analogies from her own experiences she concluded the lecture by advising her fellow educators in pursuing the challenges of breeding newfound progress,to instill courage and a sense of self development in students everywhere.

Mr. C. Laldintluanga, Associate Professor and Head of Department of Economics gave vote of thanks to conclude the seminar.

A one day webinar on “Human Values and Ethics” was organized by Govt.Serchhip College on 20th.August,2020. The webinar was divided into four categories. Mr.Lalchhanhima Ralte, Assistant Professor, Department of IT, Mizoram University commenced the discussions on “Human Values” during 7:00 Pm – 7:45 Pm IST.

Mr.Lalrammawia, Headmaster Rtd. resumed with the topic of “Professional Ethics” between 7:45 Pm – 8:30 Pm IST of the second session.

The third session started at 8:30 Pm – 9:15 Pm IST in which Dr.David C Vanlalfakawma, Ph.D NPDF, Department of Forestry, Mizoram University gave lecture about the webinar topic on “Environmental Awareness and Ethics.”

The last session starts at 9:15 Pm – 10:00 Pm IST, with Dr.Zarzosanga Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Govt. Serchhip College giving a lecture on topic- “Planning a career road map”.