On the initiatives undertaken by Eco Club, Govt. Serchhip College, 20 students along with 6 faculty members from various departments had an exposure visit to Greater Water Supply Scheme at Tuikum on 28th July,2021.

In the first session, Er Samuel L Ralte , Sr SDO , PHED gave a brief introduction about the various Water Treatment and explained the major works carried out in this area.

Mr Biakzamvela , JE , PHED had demonstrated and explained thoroughly all the processing units from the raw water till the clear water pump house.

The second session and Closing function of the exposure visit was held at Control Room, Khawtetlang , New Serchhip. The programme was chaired by Er Samuel L Ralte, Sr SDO ,PHED. The presence of Mr PC Lalremsiama, Principal , Govt. Serchhip College and Er F. Lalsanglura EE , PHED graced the ceremony.


28th July, 2021: The World Nature Conservation Day was observed today at 1pm in the Smart Classroom. It was organized by the Wildlife Protection Club, GSC & NSS Unit, GSC. The programme was chaired by Dr. C. Vanlalnghaka, i/c Wildlife Protection Club & Asst Professor. There were two Resource persons. Mrs. Lalmalsawmi, Asst Professor gave the first speech. She highlighted the main purpose, means and needs in conserving nature. Mr. Lalhmangaihzela, Asst Professor gave an enthusiastic speech about the misunderstanding we have between Nature and Human, and about the necessity of using our natural resources in the wise way. The programme ended with a vote of thanks from Mr. C. Lalramliana, Asst Professor & PO NSS, GSC.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between Govt.Serchhip College and New Serchhip Badminton Club, Serchhip on 19th.July, 2021 at Principal’s Office Chamber.The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will aim to achieve the objectives:-
1.To disseminate awarness and importance of mental and physical health through proper and regular exercise.
2.To identify and promote young talents in the game of Badminton and nurture them to become well – established players of the game.

Our respected Principal, Mr.PC Lalremsiama , on behalf of the college and New Serchhip Badminton Club President, Mr K.Laltlanmawia on behalf of the club signed the MoU.The MoU signing ceremony was joined by Dr.C Vanlalnghaka, Asst.Professor, GSC and Mrs.Jennie Lalthanpari Poonte, Asst.Professor, GSC and Mr.H.Lalzahawma of New Serchhip Badminton Club.

On the 22nd.July,2021, the NSS Unit, Govt. Serchhip College awarded the “NSS AWARD 2020-21” to Ms. Judithi Lalchanpuii, 6th Semester BSc (Zoology) for her outstanding performances in NSS activities during the year 2020 – 2021. The award comprises of Rs. 1000/- cash prize along with Trophy and Citation.

Govt.Serchhip College One Week Faculty and Staff Development Programme

Organised by Faculty Development Committee

Day 1
Topic: Stress Management
Resource Person: Rev PC Lalropuia

Day 2
Topic : Importance of Mentoring Students
Resource Person: Dr.Vanlalruatfela Hlondo
Asst.Professor, IASE

Day 3
Topic : Work Ethics
Resource Person : M.Lalmanzuala IAS Rtd.


Day 4
Topic : Corruption and Teachers
Resource Person : PL Liandinga & Lalrammawia

Day 5
Topic : Effective Question Settings & Evaluation
Resource Person : Prof.H.Malsawmi
HOD, Education Dept.
Mizoram University

The students of Govt.Serchhip College donated 24 units of blood to be used by District Hospital Serchhip Blood Bank on July 8, 2021.The blood donation camp was organised jointly by the National Service Scheme (NSS), Govt.Serchhip College Unit and Red Ribbon Club, Govt.Serchhip College.The event was lead by Mr.C.Lalramliana, Asst.Professor & Programme Officer, NSS, GSC.


Govt.Serchhip College
Finishing School
28th June – 2nd June, 2021

28.6.2021 (Monday) 8 Pm
Host : Dr.Lalchhingpuii
Opening function : Mr.PC Lalremsiama, Principal , GSC.
Resource Person Introduction: Mrs.Jeanie Lalthanpari Poonte
Rules & Regulations: Mr.Lalhmangaihzela
Vote of thanks : Mrs.F Lalengzauvi.

Finishing School
Day 2
29.6.2021 (Tuesday) 8 Pm

Host : Dr.K Lalhmingsangi
Resource Person : Dr.Jeffery Ramdina Colney
Topic : Interview Skills and Etiquette

Finishing School
Day 3
30.6.2021 (Wednesday) 8 Pm

Host : Dr.Rebecca Lalngaihawmi
Resource Person : Pu F.Vanlalrochana MPS
Topic : Employability

Finishing School
Day 4
1.7.2021 (Thursday) 8 Pm

Host : Dr.Zarzosanga
Resource Person : Pu Lalnghinglova Hmar (Tetea), Hony Secretary, MFA
Topic : Țhalaite leh eizawnna

Finishing School Day 5
2.7.2021 (Friday) 8 Pm

Host : Lalnunthari Sailo
Resource Person : Pu Lalhmangaiha Chongthu
Owner, Leitlang Pictures
Topic : Entrepreneurship Khawvel leh Zirlaite

The Finishing School was held from 28th June – 2nd July,2021 through online mode i.e zoom platform between 8:00 Pm – 9: 30 Pm.

On the first night i.e 28th June, 2021, a brief inaugural function was held.Dr.Lalchhingpuii chaired the function.The Principal, Mr.PC Lalremsiama inaugurated the course and highlighted the importance of finishing school.Introduction of the speakers was conducted by Mrs.Jeanie Lalthanpari Poonte.The rules and regulations of the finishing school was highlighted by Mr.Lalhmangaihzela.Vote of thanks was delivered by Mrs.F Lalengzauvi.

The following are the themes of classes conducted and Resource Person of the Finishing School 2021 :-
Day 1
Topic : Interview Skills & Etiquette
Speaker : Dr.Jeffery Ramdina Colney, CEO, JJ Personality.

Day 2
Topic : Employability
Speaker : F.Vanlalrochana , Mizoram Police Service

Day 3
Topic : Țhalaoleh Eizawnna
Speaker : Lalnghinglova Hmar, Hony Secy MFA.

Day 4
Topic : Entrepreneurship Khawvel leh Zirlaite
Speaker: Lalhmangaiha Chongthu, Owner, Leitlang Pictures.